Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery Fabric


Shuttle Woven Jacquard Fabric
"Can add-on all kinds of functional fabric, such as: flame retardant yarn, bamboo charcoal yarn, natural cotton yarn, germanium yarn, nanometer silver ions, anion … etc green healthy materials, to produce mildew-proof, deodorizing, antibacterial, flame-resistant additional function. Based on fashion oriented market demand to offer diversity of patterns, from monochrome, double color, to multiple color tones designs. Add up some colors and beauty to your comfortable home. Special feature: the cloth width span can up to 210cm~230cm.


Knitting Jacquard Fabric
Adapting 30”~38” fully computerized knitting jacquard machine. We can offer customized LOGO design. We also continuously develop our proprietary patterns, and cope with specialized functional yarn from shuttle woven jacquard technology, to enhance the functionality of the mattress.
Special Feature: the cloth width span can up to 210cm~230cm. We can go with higher thickness cotton fabric and large-sized mattress.


Calico Adapting 82” / 84” screen lithography printer to print plain weave fabric, Tricot, T/C, CVC calico, coarse denier oxford cloth printed with slip-proof foam.


Customized Functional Yarn Special Feature:anti-static cloth, separated pattern, special functionality cloth.