Label fabrics

Label fabrics


Love Earth Recycle Products The serial products are derived from recycled PET bottles, which are gathered, disinfected, melted at high temperature to extract the PET resins, which are then reused to reflect the world leading manufacturers’ demand for environmental protection.
100% Recycle Polyester Satin
RA136wsn , RS217wst, RS120wst, RS156nsn


Biodegradable Green Products The serial products’ raw materials are imported from abroad, and offer tearable, biodegradable feature, and do not pose burden to the earth environment.
100% Acetate Taffeta / 100% Acetate Satin
A551w, A552w, D550w, D553w, DK550w, DK550b,D551w,DK551w


Environmental Friendly Products The products’ natural ingredient poses no harm to the earth environment, and there are choices of the serial products that come in 100% pure cotton and a 35%~100% cotton blend.
100% Cotton / Poly Cotton
C200, C200i, C206, C206c, C206x, B597i, B599c


Thermal Transfer Products The product’s high-quality material can satisfy barcode and two-dimensional barcode printing, and is also available for certified electronic label of the halogen-free barcode guideline, and is suitable for non-solvent, dry ink printing.
100% Nylon Taffeta / 100% Polyester Satin
NT156x-O, NT200x-O,NP175-O, S156wsn, S170wst


General Products The serial features the traditional materials to satisfy the choice as the most basic material to printing mills, and its superb printing effect always garners maximum customer satisfaction.

Nylon material: N169k, NT169-O, N250, N830b
Polyester Satin : F133wsn, , S120wst, S130wst, S126bst,
S217wst, S219wst, S981wst, S988wh, SK981ws
Polyester Taffeta: T555w, T271wst, T270bst,T272w, T560c


Fire-Retardant Products The fire-retardant product is produced by adopting the company’s most advanced coating technology, and it has the environmental friendly, toxin-free, flame-retardant, flame-resistant features to apply in baby products, as your optimal choice.

N162w, N182w


Woven Edge Products With the woven edging strip’s price being higher than the trimmed edging strip in the past, our company, in a bid to satisfy its customer’s keen demand for the product, has been able to reduce the cost while duly addressing the quality, and our advantage in price will certainly satisfy your needs.