Company Timeline

Year Company Timeline
2012-2013 Participated in the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ SBIR two-way temperature adjusting bedding supplies textile product research and development project.
2011 Received from Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology the Traditional Industry Higher Value Application Project – the “Innovative Model Award”.
2010-2011 Participated in the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ SBIR fluorescent pattern fabric anti-counterfeit textile products integrated development project.
2009 Received from world renowned sporting brand of the environmental friendly, recycled exclusive label fabric order
Best Label Guangdong office set up.
2009 The company’s environmental friendly recycled label fabric received the environmental friendly insignia certification.
2008 Received the “2008 Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Collegiate Outstanding Design Joint Commendation – Small Enterprise Startup R&D Project “Excellent SBIR R&D Result Award.
2008 Received best entry work to Lenzing Fabric Competition.
2006-2007 Participating in the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ 2006 SBIR – Genetically imitation anti-counterfeit fiber textile development project.
2007/08 Yulun ( Shanghai ) Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Estsblished.
1998/09 Setting up the own factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan.
1990/05 Best Label Enterprise Company, Limited founded.